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Facts About Roundabouts

When comparing roundabouts to a signal, studies show that roundabouts provide:

  • 90% reduction in fatal crashes
  • 75% reduction in injury crashes
  • 30 to 40% reduction in pedestrian crashes
  • 10% reduction in bicycle crashes

Roundabouts carry about 30-50% more vehicles than similar sized signal intersections during rush hour because traffic is always on the move.

Operation and maintenance of roundabouts costs less than traffic signals.

Roundabout Safety

  • Roundabouts are safer than other intersections because they eliminate head-on right angle, and left turning traffic crashes.
  • Roundabouts encourage slower speeds and allow for easier decision making .
  • Roundabouts improve pedestrian safety by offering two simple crossings of one-way traffic moving at much slower speeds.
  • In the Tri-Centennial/Fuller roundabout, the crosswalk will be placed behind the first waiting car. The pedestrian is safely behind a car trying to merge into traffic.

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