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International Relations

The international relations subfield focuses on the political interactions between individuals, groups, states, and international institutions in world politics. Understanding the general causes and consequences of the conflicts and cooperation that takes place between actors transnationally constitutes one of the major areas of inquiry within the field, as does the study of how states formulate and pursue their national interests via their foreign policies.

Other veins of international relations research seek to understand the social context that underlies international phenomena or focus on evaluating policymaking in the international realm. As a subfield, international relations has a long scholar-practitioner tradition that supports cross-over work in the policy realm. Our subfield's core concentrations include the study of global governance, global security, and international political economy. As a subfield, our faculty embraces a pluralistic approach to understanding international processes and outcomes in which the application of various theoretical perspectives and methods of analysis is encouraged.  International relations research and networking opportunities are offered by the Center for Policy Research, the Center for International Development, the SUNY Global Center and the Levin Institute.

Study Under Distinguished Faculty Experts

Bryan Early David Rousseau Rey Koslowski Gregory Nowell
Bryan Early David Rousseau Rey Koslowski Gregory Nowell


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