Above: Spring 2016 SIW students enjoying SUNY Day with Congressman Paul Tonko (far left) and President Robert Jones (far right).

About the Program

The Semester in Washington is an integral part of the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy's Department of Political Science.

Students intern four days a week, take two full courses, and earn fifteen credits toward graduation. Six of these credits count toward a major or minor in political science, public policy, and several other majors or minors. (Past students have received credits in Communications, Criminal Justice, History, Globalization Studies and other fields. These are typically arranged individually.)

Program Staff

The Director of the Semester in Washington program, and instructor of both classes taught as part of the program, is Rockefeller College professor Meredith Weiss. A specialist in comparative politics with extensive experience in Washington, Weiss has worked both for research institutes and universities there as well as several countries overseas.

Adam Kress is the program's Assistant Director. Living and working in Washingon for more than seven years, Adam's knowledge of city and professional contacts make him an excellent resource for students. He assists students as they find their way in the city, handling all student services, program logistics, and special events/tours.  Adam is also Rockefeller College's Assistant Director of Communications for Online Strategy and New Media.

The program is offered only during the spring semester.  Space is limited.  Applications and interviews are conducted in April and October.

See "Apply" for information about prerequisites.

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