University at Albany

Q & A with Jaclyn Mancini, MPA ’09

If you had to condense your job description into an elevator pitch, how would it read?

Jaclyn: Director of Development - in charge of housing from homelessness to housing advocacy to housing rehab to first time homebuyers, planning and zoning, economic development, community development and much, much more!

What about your job inspires/excites you every day?

Jaclyn: Every day I come to work happy. I never know what the day will bring: another developer looking to invest, another person looking for a property to move into, another business looking to open its doors. The revitalization of Schenectady has brought about such great energy that every day is exciting. This community is undergoing a renaissance and my department is a key player in what is happening here.

How did Rockefeller College prepare you for your career?

Jaclyn: Rockefeller College prepared me with the real world experience to understand what this career path would entail. The internships set the stage for what I would end up doing and professors/mentors spent a large amount of time discussing career goals and work experiences with me to ensure that when I graduated, I was where I needed to be.

What is one piece of advice you would share with a current Rockefeller student?

Jaclyn: You have to commit yourself to working hard. Not working 9-5 and not working only when you get paid. Go above and beyond. Putting in the time and effort pays off. Network like it's your job. Go to events and get yourself out there. You have to live for the work to really understand the fulfillment of the career path.

When you're not on the job, where can you be found?

Jaclyn: Frequenting one of the many downtown businesses for either a meal, coffee, or drink and/or experiencing one of the many entertainment options that Schenectady has to offer!