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Issue #4 July 2011
Dean Jeffrey D. Straussman

This is our fourth issue of e-news, where we celebrate the rich intellectual diversity of our faculty.

In the past you read about Bruce Miroff's book,

The Liberal's Moment: The McGovern Insurgency and the Identity Crisis of the Democratic Party,
Rod McDonald's use of system dynamics to analyze important areas of public policy and Torrey Shanks' fresh look at the philosopher John Locke.

This issue introduces you to Kathleen Deloughery, an economist who is conducting very interesting research on the subject of terrorism.

I am proud of the Rockefeller College faculty, especially the 12 assistant professors who have been hired over the past five years since I became dean in 2006.

For me, it is time to pass the torch since I am stepping down as dean, taking a leave from my faculty position, and going to the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore as a visiting professor.

I am leaving the College in the very capable hands of Professor David Rousseau who will serve as the interim dean.

In the meantime, please visit the College in person and online. If you happen to be in Singapore in the next 10 months, give me a call. I should be the only Straussman in the telephone book!

Otherwise, you can always reach me at


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Waging War Against Terrorism: An Economist's Perspective

"A great deal of money is spent combating terrorism.
I see myself trying to figure out the answers to certain questions so that policy makers can spend that money more efficiently and more effectively."

- Kathleen Deloughery

Her grad school advisor warned her. "He said you're going to go to these conferences on terrorism and there's probably just going to be a bunch of men in black and you," recalls Kathleen Deloughery fondly. "But there are actually a fair number of women working in the field."

Kathleen Deloughery chats with students before class

(At center) Kathleen Deloughery with students before class

The field is national security and terrorism. What gives Professor Deloughery's research a unique twist is her focus on economics. "I love economics, mostly because I always loved math," she explains. "When I was a first year graduate student at Ohio State, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was funding three years of graduate study for students interested in homeland security issues. After reading about what the economists at the DHS Centers of Excellence at the University of Maryland and USC were doing, I was very interested

It was one of those right time, right place situations. I applied for the fellowship and got it, and discovered I really liked working in this area." Today, with that unique skill set to guide her, Deloughery pursues a fascinating mix of research aimed at determining the most effective and well-targeted use of resources in the fight against terrorism.

"Generally when you tell people you're an economist, they expect you to be studying unemployment or inflation, not terrorism. Most of my family has been in the military, though, so when I come home and talk about what I do, they think it's only fitting," says Deloughery. Tuscaloosa, Alabama is home. Still, this transplanted Southerner seems happily settled in at Rockefeller College, although she admits when September rolls around, she gets a little homesick for her beloved Crimson Tide and all the hoopla that accompanies the classic gridiron battles she grew up watching back in the South. But she's learned to adapt. "I just camp out in front of the TV and get my football fix in," she says. And she has plenty of other interests to keep her occupied. An avid golfer, Kathleen is close to achieving her personal goal of breaking 90. She loves taking dance lessons-all kinds-and she's a terrific cook. In fact, Deloughery's a serious threat to three-peat in the College's annual holiday cookie contest this coming December. Formidable skills indeed, but, of course, it's her academic prowess and ambitious economics-focused terrorism research that are making a name for her here at Rockefeller College.

Read about Professor Deloughery's research 

About Kathleen Deloughery

Kathleen Deloughery

Kathleen Deloughery is an assistant professor in the department of public administration and policy at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy. She specializes in the study of terrorism, labor economics, and econometrics.

Professor Deloughery earned both her PhD and MA in economics from Ohio State University. She completed a BS in economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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