Above: Class of 2016 at the Main Altar, Monasterio de San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain



Nicole Perez: “Choosing Madrid, Spain seemed like the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I had a huge fear of studying abroad. I didn’t know where this fear was coming from but now that I am finally here I’ve come to the realization that it stemmed from doing something totally different and doing something my mom wasn’t really comfortable with at first. But doing this was more than just taking a vacation. It was more about exploring another country where nobody knew my name.”


Gabriela Dominguez: “Throughout this trip, we’ve all learned how to see things through another perspective. My favorite part of the trip was meeting new people and realizing that there are shared similarities, but also vast differences. When we return to New York in a couple of days, Madrid will always be an experience my social scientific side will have benefited from, and my culturally interested side will always have stories to share. Living in Madrid helped me gain a new outlook.”


Amanda Byam: “Going to Madrid was an incredibly enriching experience. I met so many new people, made some very good friends, and learned so much. Our projects were interactive and gave us the chance to find out more about the people directly from themselves. The program is offered at a perfect time in the year, the length of the trip is just right, and students get to earn six credits while experiencing a beautiful country.”



Amrita Maniram: “I would highly recommend students to choose this program, whether it is to fulfill a degree requirement or just to gain new life experiences. Dr. Cruz went above and beyond to ensure that the students utilized their time in Spain to the fullest. Along with his well planned out schedule, he also allowed time for us to enjoy Spain for its very wonders.”


Kathleen Soriano: “The material of the course itself keeps you at the edge of your seat. The environment is more than just beautiful, but inspiring. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my time in Madrid; from Professor Cruz’s lectures on mobilization within Spain compared to NYC to the grand architecture of Segovia, Toledo, and Salamanca, I truly think about it all.”


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