Xiaoye She


Research Interests: "International Political Economy Comparative Public Policy Chinese Politics East and Southeast Asian Politics Economics and Politics of Development"

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/xiaoyeshe83/

Dissertation Title: "From State Monopolies to Quasi-Markets with Chinese Characteristics: The Political Economy of Social Sector Reforms in China"

Dissertation Chair: Cheng Chen

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About Xiaoye

Xiaoye joined Rockefeller College as a as a PhD student of political science in 2009. She has obtained her PhD candidacy in 2013 and has teaching experience in courses such as comparative and international politics, international political economy and comparative public policy. She also specializes in Chinese politics, East and Southeast Asian Politics, and political economy of development. Her primary research interest focuses on how the dynamic interactions of international and domestic factors shape the behavior of state and market agents in producing institutional stability and change in developing and transitioning contexts. In her dissertation, “From State Monopolies to Quasi-Markets with Chinese Characteristics: The Political Economy of Social Sector Reforms in China,” she adopts an institutional approach and an endogenous view of state capacity in examining the quasi-marketization process of social sectors such as housing, health and education. Instead of seeing greater institutional complementarity between production regime and welfare state, she argues that the reform so far has produced a highly fragmented social policy model with varying institutional paths from sector to sector, resulting in negative spill-over effects on the production regime and the overall economic reform. Her recently published article “Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Malaysia: Juggling Economic Imperatives and Political Reality” looks at the interrelations between regional or global economic turbulences and macroeconomic policy reform outcomes in Malaysia. While economic crises can create windows of opportunity for policy reforms, the magnitude of reform measures and the pace of implementation diverge significantly between fiscal and monetary policy, with strong intervening effects of domestic political institutions due to the nature of the parliamentary system and the path-dependent characteristics of central bank independence. She holds a MA in Economics and a dual BA in Southeast Asian Studies and Economics. Her professional experience includes working as a public policy fellow at New York State Department of Transportation and marketing analyst at UMW Corporation Malaysia.

Teaching Experience

  • "Comparative Public Policy (online), Summer 2015 International Political Economy, Fall 2014 Comparative and International Politics (discussion sections), Fall 2010-Fall 2012"