David Jones


Research Interests: "Legal mobilization: how social movements and organizations use the law to create social change. Law and society: how people experience the law in their every day lives. American political development"

Website: www.dlawtrowbridge.wixsite.com/home 

Dissertation Title: "While Marriage Was Won: How Focused Litigation Campaigns Affect the Legal Advocacy Industry"

Dissertation Chair: Julie Novkov

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About David

David L. Jones is a 6th year PhD student in political science at the University at Albany from where he also obtained an MA in political science. He has won awards for both research (2015 Hayward Alker Student Paper Award) and teaching (2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant). David’s primary field of study is Public Law with research interests in legal mobilization, law and society, and civil rights & civil liberties. Speaking more plainly, David enjoys ruminating on the ways that litigation can act as a resource to achieve social change. For example, his dissertation: “While Marriage Was Won: How Focused Litigation Campaigns Affect the Legal Advocacy Industry”, will interrogate the way that high visibility litigation campaigns affect the development and priorities of legal organizations through the lens of same-sex marriage litigation and LGBTQ legal organizations. He also has a great deal of interest in American Politics subjects including social movements, American Political Development, and the presidency. While David is engaged in his research interests, his leading passion in graduate school has been teaching, an area in which he is committed to excelling. He has continued to take courses through the Institute of Teaching and Learning at UAlbany and has also been through on-line course development training. In sum, he has spent twelve semesters either as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to American Politics, or as the instructor for two courses: Law, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (three times) and Law and Policy (three). It is David’s hope to find a home at a small liberal arts college where he can focus most of his energies into teaching. In regards to service David is a part of the Future Faculty Leadership Committee that is responsible for professional development training for graduate students, he is treasurer of the Graduate Association of Political Science (GAPS) at UAlbany, and he is a faculty adviser to two undergraduate organizations: Project U, a student-run community service organization, and the College Democrats.

Teaching Experience

  • Six semesters as a TA for Introduction to American Politics under four different sets of instructors: Dr. Sally Friedman, Dr. Anne Hildreth, Dr. Bruce Miroff, and Dr. Patricia Strach.
  • Six semesters (including summers) as an instructor of record. These course were: Law & Policy and Law, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity.
  • Co-winner of the 2013 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award given out by Rockefeller College