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Dear Rockefeller College faculty and graduate students:

Rockefeller College is delighted to announce support for graduate student dissertation proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation (the next deadline is January 15th). Graduate student dissertation proposals can request for up to $15,000 in funding (depending on the NSF program). In order to reward students for submitting an application and to encourage more students to apply for funding,

Rockefeller College will provide a $500 research award for students submitting a proposal. This money can be used towards any research related activity or equipment. NSF applications are complex and time consuming. If you are interested in meeting the next deadline, please contact your advisor and Professor Udi Sommer ( as soon as possible. Professor Sommer held a workshop about submitting NSF grants earlier in the semester and is working with students on their submissions. In addition, in order to start entering the required information in the UAlbany Coeus system and NSF Fastlane proposal submission system, please contact Lois Brando Pownall ( by Friday, December 11th.

Although submitting a proposal is a lot of work, past experience has shown that even unsuccessful applications produced important benefits in terms of improving the quality of the dissertation prospectus and accelerating the time to completion for the prospectus. The research award is designed to add to these benefits and help students begin their dissertation research.


Dean Straussman
Karl Rethemeyer
David Rousseau
Udi Sommer