Downtown Campus Faculty Suite

The Downtown Faculty Suite is intended to provide communal office space for faculty without permanent offices on the downtown campus.

A wide range of faculty will utilize the space, including Public Service Professors, Adjunct Professors, Emeritus Professors, and faculty from other campuses meeting with students or teaching classes on the downtown campus.

The space is divided into two parts, each with a unique function.

Common Room - Richardson 290


The Common Room contains desks that faculty may use on a first-come-first-serve basis. Faculty and students can meet in this space for office hours, student appointments, research collaborations, and service projects. There are lounge chairs so conversations can continue over lunch or coffee. The Common Room also has lockers for faculty who need to store books, papers and personal belongings. Please contact Renee Wallingford ( or 518-442-5246) for the keypad code to this room.

Reading Room - Richardson 288

The Reading Room is a designated quiet space and functions like a small library. It contains lounge chairs for reading and tables for deskwork. We expect faculty to use this space to prepare for classes, grade papers and conduct research.

We hope that the Downtown Campus Faculty Suite is a lively place where faculty can connect with students and other faculty members.  It is a communal space and can only thrive if faculty and students respect the needs of other users.  Although all the rooms have access to Wi-Fi, we expect faculty and students to use their personal laptops and phones. 

If you have questions about the space or suggestions for its best utilization, please email the Rockefeller College Dean's Office.