Kathleen Deloughery

David McCaffrey, PhD

Distinguished Teaching Professor
and Collins Fellow

Specialization: Organizational Theory & Econ. Regulation

Department of Public Administration & Policy

317 Milne Hall | 518-442-5282

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About Professor McCaffrey

University Expert

David McCaffrey's research interests are the design and behavior of regulatory and self regulatory systems, especially in the financial markets, and processes of cooperation and collaboration.  Among his publications are Wall Street Polices Itself:  How Securities Firms Manage the Legal Hazards of Competitive Pressures (with David W. Hart) (Oxford University Press, 1998), The Politics of Nuclear Power: A History of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1991) and OSHA and the Politics of Health Regulation (Plenum Publishing, 1982).

Selected Publications

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