Erzsébet Fazekas

Erzsébet Fazekas, PhD

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Org. Theory, Nonprofits, Civil Society

Department of Public Administration & Policy

305 Milne Hall | 518-442-2621

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About Professor Fazekas

Erzsébet Fazekas’s research focuses on institutional entrepreneurship and cross-national diffusion that produce cultural, organizational and policy structures for the development of civil society and the nonprofit sector in democratizing countries. Another stream of her research program analyzes the role of nonprofit organizations in institutional change on a local, national and global level. Her current research projects study overseas grantmaking by U.S. private foundations; forms of nonprofit self-organization and the rise of the nonprofit sector as an institution within and outside the United States; and recent models of public management that govern the relationship between the public and nonprofit sectors via framework policy agreements. Dr. Fazekas earned an M.A. in Sociology from the Central European University and an M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Columbia University.

Dr. Fazekas is also jointly affiliated with the Department of Sociology and the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society.

Selected Publications