Kathleen Deloughery

Kathleen Deloughery, PhD

Assistant Professor
Specialization: Terrorism, Labor Economics, Econometrics

Department of Public Administration & Policy

300C Milne Hall | 518-442-3875

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About Professor Deloughery

Kathleen Deloughery completed her PhD in economics at The Ohio State University in 2009. Her dissertation is titled “A Cross Country Analysis of Terrorism and Government Policies.” Deloughery also specializes in labor economics and econometrics. She has been a Department of Homeland Security Fellow for the last few years, and is now researching variable government susceptibility to terrorism and the effects that terrorism has on elections. Her planned future projects will examine how terrorist organizations make decisions that determine the impact of their attacks and how governments can best respond to these decisions. Deloughery has presented her research at the Midwest Economics Association, the Southern Economics Association, and the Canadian Economics Association. She has also attended and presented at workshops on the economics of national security and terrorism at the National Bureau of Economic Research and the University of Southern California, respectively. Deloughery also earned an MA in economics from Ohio State, after having completed a BS in economics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. At Rockefeller college she teaches Principles of Public Economics and State and Local Fiscal Systems in the M.PA. program and Research Methods (Econometrics) in the PhD program.