Kamiar Alaei, MD, MPH, MS, DrPH

Public Service Professor
Specialization: Health Policy & Human Rights,
Health Diplomacy

Department of Public Administration & Policy

365 Business Administration Building (Uptown)

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About Professor Alaei

Kamiar Alaei, MD, DrPH, MPH, MS is a public service professor in the Department of Public Admiistraiton and Policy, and the founding Director of Global Institute for Health and Human Rights. He and his brother co-founded the first center for HIV/AIDS cases and drug users in Iran, which was documented by the United Nations/World Health Organization as a Best Practice model. Together with a group of experts, he also authored a major proposal to develop HIV/AIDS programs in Iran, which was awarded $15.8 million by the Global Fund.

He has traveled back and forth to the Pan American Region as a WHO/PAHO consultant to expand health and human rights training programs in the region.

Among several awards Drs. Arash and Kamiar Alaei received Heinz R. Pagels Human Rights of Scientists Award from the New York Academy of Science in 2009, the Jonathan Mann Award for Global Health and Human Rights from the Global Health Council in June 2011, the inaugural award for leadership in health and Human Rights from PAHO/WHO in 2011, and inaugural Elizabeth Taylor Award in Recognition of Efforts to Advocate for Human Rights in the field of HIV from International AIDS Society presented by Actress Sharon Stone in 2012.

Kamiar Alaei received his Medical Doctorate (MD) from Isfahan Medical University and his Master of Public Health (MPH) in epidemiology from Tehran Medical University – two of the top universities in Iran – his Master of Science in International Health from Harvard University, and his doctoral degree on Health Policy and Management from University at Albany. He is currently studying International Human Rights Law at University of Oxford.


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