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Thursday Policy Lunch

The Thursday Policy Lunch exposes doctoral students to the nuts and bolts of methods-based public policy research, gives students the opportunity to present their own research, and facilitates the communication of policy research among participants. The workshop is run by Rockefeller College's Department of Public Administration and Policy. Guests from throughout the University are welcome to attend.

Fall 2014 Policy Lunch Schedule

We meet Thursdays from 12:00-1:00pm in Milne Hall 215 on the University at Albany downtown campus. You are encouraged to bring your lunch.




August 28

Elizabeth Pop Berman


September 4

Matthew Ingram

Presentation title: "Geographies of Violence: Spatial Analysis of Homicide in Central America and Brazil"


September 11

David Matkin, David Anderson
& Stephen Weinberg

Presentation title: "Presenting to non-technical audiences"

POS/Public Administration

September 18

Jason Lane


October 2

Kevin Bronner

Presentation title: "The New York State Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments"

Public Administration

October 9

Ashley Fox

Public Administration

October 16

Pinka Chatterjee

Presentation title: "Job Mobility among Parents of Children with Chronic Health Conditions: Early Effects of the 2010 Affordable Care Act"


October 23

Jaroslav Tir

October 30

Shawn Bushway

Criminal Justice

November 6

How do build and manage your Committee Panel with PhD students (only)

Public Administration

November 13

Bethany Slater & Adenantera Dwicakson

Public Administration

November 20

Ramon Gil Garcia

CTG & Public Administration

December 4

Jennifer Dodge

Public Administration

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