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Political Science
Job Market Candidates


Luis F. Clemente

Curriculum Vitae |
Research Interests: Latin American Politics Puerto Rican Politics
Dissertation Title: "Party System Stability in Latin America: A Comparative Study"
Committee Chair: Erik Hoffmann

Steven Koczak

Curriculum Vitae |
Research Interests: State and Local Politics; Executive Leadership; US Political Development; legislatures; US Political Institutions; American Conservatism; various public policy issues; and an ever-growing list of things within the broad spectrum of US politics that should be more-studied than, or studied differently from, they are.
Dissertation Title: "Winning Battles and Losing Wars: Governor George E. Pataki and the Executive Veto."
Committee Chair: Joseph Zimmerman

Phil Nicholas

Curriculum Vitae |
Research Interests: Public Policy, Public Administration, Environmental Policy, Political Economy, Drug Policy, Urban Politics
Dissertation Title: The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Shareholder Proposal Rule: Agency Administration, Corporate Influence, and Shareholder Power, 1942-1998"
Committee Chair: Anne Hildreth

Marcus Schulzke

Curriculum Vitae | Personal Webpage |
Research Interests: Contemporary Political Theory, Critical Theory, Comparative Politics, Political Violence, Politics and New Technologies, Just War Theory, Applied Ethics, and Eastern Europe.
Dissertation Title: "Ethics in Action: A Study of Ethical Decision Making in Counterinsurgencies"
Committee Chair: Victor Asal and Peter Breiner

Katherine M. Truby

Curriculum Vitae | Personal Webpage |
Research Interests:Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Civil Society, Global Public Health Policy, Human Rights, Policy framing, Democratic transitions, Latin America
Dissertation Title: "Negotiated Bodies: Participatory Policymaking and Institution Building in Mexico's Public Health Sector"
Committee Chair: Meredith Weiss

Jennifer Woodward

Curriculum Vitae | Personal Webpage |
Research Interests: Public Law, Public Policy, Equal Opportunity Policy; Judicial Activism; Federal Trial Courts; Race, Gender, and Disability Issues; Critical Race Theory; Policy Change
Dissertation Title: "Interpreting Civil Rights: Early Claims under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964"
Committee Chair: Julie Novkov