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Employer Services

Our nationally ranked programs produce some of the best qualified jobs and internship candidates in the country – why not hire one?

Post a Job or Internship

Employers can post job, fellowship, and internship opportunities through Rockefeller College’s Handshake Career Management System.  Our online system allows employers from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to post job and internship opportunities, and review resumes and applications of qualified graduate and undergraduate students and alumni.  Postings on Handshake are viewed by hundreds of students and alumni both nationally and internationally – find the most qualified candidate, whether you are in the Capital Region, Washington, or California.  For more information on how to post an internship opportunity, please see our internships page.

Rockefeller College Resume Books

Rockefeller College publishes a resume book 3 times per year: fall, spring, and summer.  The resume book allows employers to view the resumes of qualified graduate and undergraduate students seeking internship and full-time opportunities.  Employers may view the resumes of students and contact them directly for an interview – it’s a simple way to identify candidates for vacancies at your organization.

  • Click here to view the current resume book.
  • Looking to hire a PhD?  Review doctoral job market candidates from Political Science and Public Administration departments here.
  • Typically, the resume books are released 3 times per year: Fall – released in late August – early September, Spring – released late November to early December, and Summer – released early-mid April.
  • If you would like to identify candidates for your specific job or internship opening, please contact for more information.

Host an Information Session

Increase the visibility of your organization and attract a diverse pool of candidates by hosting an information session.  Provide information regarding your organization, and current and future internship and job opportunities.  Information sessions can be held at any time during the school year, either on campus or Please contact Jennifer Maclaughlin, Director of Internships & Career Programs to schedule a session on campus.

Campus Recruitment & Interviews

In addition to posting your job and internship opportunities online, the Rockefeller College Office of Career & Alumni Programs can coordinate and schedule interviews with potential candidates on campus.  Connect with graduate, undergraduate, and alumni, to discuss employment opportunities.  Interviews will be conducted at the University at Albany downtown campus, located at 135 Western Avenue.  For more information or to schedule interviews, please contact Jennifer Maclaughlin, Director of Internships & Career Programs.

Workshops & Seminars

The Rockefeller College Office of Career & Alumni Programs regularly schedules workshops and programs for undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of career related topics.  We host seminars on resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and job search techniques, and employers can add value to these seminars by outlining what organizations look for in candidates.  Each semester, students attend panel presentations with experts from government, nonprofit, public, and private organizations; volunteer panelists are always needed.  Finally, employers can conduct mock interviews, where students can practice their interview skills and learn how to improve their chances of employment.  View our Events to see upcoming workshops and presentation.  If you are interested in participating in any of our workshops or panels now or in the future, please email us. 

Job Fairs

The University at Albany hosts job fairs where employers can meet qualified students and alumni.  Typically, 2 career fairs are held each year, in the spring and fall.  For more information, please email us. 

Join the Rockefeller Network

Volunteer to serve in Rockefeller College’s Professional Network.  The purpose of the professional network is to allow students to learn more about career paths in public affairs from alumni and professionals in the field.  Members of the professional network may be contacted by students via email or phone to ask questions about your profession and to network in their chosen career path.  The time commitment is minimal, and you can decide to be as involved as you would like.  If you are interested in becoming part of the professional network, sign up here.

Interested in creating an internship program?  Need to strategize about ways to increase your candidate pool?  Rockefeller College can help.  Employers can schedule meetings, either on campus or at employer sites, with the Director of Internships & Career Programs, Jennifer Maclaughlin, to find ways to create or revamp internship programs, or energizing recruiting methods.  To set up a meeting, please email Jennifer or call 518-442-5253.

Post a job or search resumes with Handshake