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Alumni in the Classroom

Rockefeller College is proud to announce the launch of our new Alumni in the Classroom Program and we hope that you'll be involved. The Alumni in the Classroom Program is designed to connect alumni with issue area expertise to related courses in Political Science and Public Administration and Policy.

We're asking you to consider a visit to the classroom (either in-person or virtually) for about 30 minutes. You could begin by describing your current position and career path. We would also like you to give students a sense of the skill set needed by graduates entering the work force in your area. Finally, students are likely to have lots of questions for you. In some cases, you and the faculty instructor may agree to deepen the exchange by having you participate in greater depth through a lecture, case study, exercise, etc.


The Alumni in the Classroom Program serves three goals. 

  1. First, it gets our students (particularly our undergraduates) thinking about potential careers and required skill sets early in their university experience. 
  2. Second, it gives our alumni a regular channel for connecting, mentoring, and educating our students. 
  3. Third, it provides a foundation for creating a career network for our students who face an increasingly competitive global job market. 


The Alumni in the Classroom Program can be structured in a variety of ways.  If you live in the local area, you can visit in-person on a day selected by you.  If you live out of the area and cannot visit in-person, you could connect to the class virtually through Skype.  If possible, we would like to organize a lunch with students in a dining common during the in-person visits.

We would like to thank the following alumni for participating in the program.

  • Amanda Holzer, BA 2008, MPA 2013 (Spring 2014)
  • Mitchell Pawluk, BA 2007, MPA 2010 (Spring 2014)
  • Philip Kelly, MPA 1998 (Spring 2014)
  • Stephanie Amann, BA 2006 (Spring 2014)
  • David A. Rozen, BA 2007 (Spring 2014)
  • Jeffrey Luks, BA 1991, MPA 2001 (Spring 2014)
  • Abdolazeez Al-Otaibi, MPA 1983, PhD 1988 (Spring 2014)
  • Lawrence Korb, PhD 1969 (Spring 2014)
  • Vincent Abramo, BA 1967 (Spring 2014)
  • David Van Slyke, PhD 1999 (Spring 2014)
  • Natasha Pernicka, MPA 2008 (Fall 2013)
  • Margaret Becker, BA 1980, MPA 1982 (Fall 2013)
  • David Nero, MPA 1993 (Fall 2013)
  • Brian Nussbaum, MA POS 2007, PhD POS 2009 (Fall 2013)
  • Leslie Tayne, BA PAF 1993 (Fall 2013)
  • Kamran Parwana, BA POS 2007 (Fall 2013)
  • Blaine Ryan-Lynch, MPA 1979 (Spring 2013)
  • Steven Cooper, MPA 1992 (Spring 2013)
  • Barry Berberich, MPA 1979 (Spring 2013)
  • Bill Mayer, MPA 2011 (Spring 2013)
  • Margaret Becker, MPA 1982 (Fall 2012)
  • Brian Cechnicki, BA 2003, MPA 2004 (Fall 2012)
  • Jennifer Givner, MPA 2002 (Fall 2012)
  • Mark Leinung, BA 1978, MPA 1980 (Fall 2012)
  • Nick Parella, BA 2000, MA 2002 (Fall 2012)
  • Jacqueline Treanor, BA 1990, MPA 1994 (Fall 2012)
  • Arnold Wegh, BA 1981 (Fall 2012)
  • Patricia Salkin, BA 1985 (Spring 2012)
  • Melinda Mack, MPA 2005 (Spring 2012)
  • Lewis Wiener, BA 1984 (Spring 2012)
  • Assemblyman Lou Tobacco, BA 1994 (Fall 2011)
  • Mitchell Pawluk, BA 2007, JD/MPA 2010 (Fall 2011)

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