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Assistantships & Awards

Competitive financial assistance is available to many Public Administration students. The Department offers graduate assistantships to selected MPA and PhD students on the basis of merit, previous academic achievement, and potential for success as a student at Rockefeller College. In addition to departmental funding, students may also pursue financial opportunities at the College and University levels, as detailed below.

Department of Public Administration

PhD and MPA applicants are automatically considered for departmental assistantships when they apply by the funding deadline.  See admission pages for deadlines and requirements.  The Department generally offers three PhD assistantships and three to four master’s assistantships every year.



Work Requirement

Tuition Waiver

MPA Assistantship

One Year Approximately $8,000 18-20 hours
administrative or research
Full-time tuition waived

PhD Assistantship

Three Years* Approximately $14,000 18-20 hours
teaching or research
Full-time tuition waived

* Possibility for a fourth year of funding if student reaches candidacy by the end of the third year

Rockefeller College

The College’s Office of Career and Alumni programs can help students find paid internships to help defray the cost of their graduate education.   To learn more about internship opportunities, visit our Careers and Internships page.

University at Albany

The University at Albany offers competitive, merit-based Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Scholarships to graduate students who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in their graduate or professional program.  Applicants must be United States citizens or have permanent residency and must have completed an application for graduate study at the University. The Selection Committee will give special consideration to students who are of a race or ethnicity that is underrepresented in our graduate and professional programs but will not make awards solely on that basis and every applicant will be evaluated on his or her own merits.  The Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Scholarship deadline corresponds with applicant's departmental deadline for financial assistance (see admission pages for deadlines and requirements).