Junior FIRST® LEGO® League Expo

Body Forward 2010-2011

Congratulation to our 23 teams that presented at the 2011 Junior FIRST LEGO League Expo!

We Love LEGOS, LEGO Ladys, Gadget Girls, Icicle MegaMind Monkeys, Mighty Lego Feagles, The Lego Adventurers, The Challengers, Team 1 TOASTERS, TEAM II TOASTUMS, Juinor Maniacs!, Niskayuna Robot Builders, Fantastic Doctors Institute, Inc., Doctor Copter, RHF-Rescue Helicopter Force, The Daleks, Federal Medical Group, Team Team, Team M.M. Builders, Team Robotic Surgeons, Hudson Valley LEAH Loves Legos, American Flag, Esophagus, Emergency

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In the News

3/22/2011:: UAlbany Hosts Biomedical Engineering-Themed Junior FIRST Lego League Expo. Read more.

3/26/2011:: Fox 23 News Reports: Lego League Expo - Read more.



March 26, 2011

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