The 1st Annual Sigma-Aldrich Symposium on RNA Science and its Applications


RNAi Workshop

Workshop Overview:

RNAi has emerged as an important mainstream tool for both basic and applied research, and it has revolutionized the novel discipline known as functional genomics.  This three-day workshop consists of a combination of lectures and a hands on cell biology lab that will provide hands-on technical training for packaging and transduction of lentiviral shRNAs, experimental design, and troubleshooting.  Featured lectures will provide in depth discussion on the fundamentals of RNA interference as well as advanced screening solutions utilizing RNAi for drug discovery and target validation.  After mastering lentiviral technology, participants will have all of the tools needed to silence genes in standard tumor cell lines, primary cells and for in vivo applications.  Registrants should be familiar with basic mammalian cell culture techniques.

Lecture and Lab Topics:

Synthetic and Viral-based Systems for Gene Silencing Lectures

  • Introduction into RNAi: Overview siRNA/shRNA/microRNA
  • siRNA/ esiRNA Design, Delivery and Applications
  • Lentiviral shRNAi: Design, Delivery and Applications
  • Troubleshooting for shRNA
  • Knockdown Detection Assays: qPCR and Western blot
  • microRNA Design, Delivery and Applications
  • Screening Platforms, Detection Assays and Deconvolution Strategies
  • Pooled shRNA Library Screening Experimental Design
  • Targets Identification and Validation

Workshop Schedule

The RNAi Workshop is now full!!!

While there are no additional charges for the participation in the Sigma Aldrich Workshop, there are only a limited number of slots available due to space constraints.

Only those who submit an abstract will be considered for the workshop. Please include two to three additional sentences to the end of your abstract to address how your research is applicable to RNAi.



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