The RNA Institute Staff: Paul F. Agris

Paul Agris

Paul Agris
Director, The RNA Institute

 Specialty / Research Interests

  • Molecular Biology and Biophysics
  • Structure-function relationships of nucleic acids
  • Introduction of modified nucleosides into RNA and DNA
  • Chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides with phosphoramidite chemistries
  • RNA-based drug therapeutics


Dr. Paul F. Agris is the founding director of The RNA Institute at the State University of New York-Albany (UAlbany). He is presently the interim CEO of Sirga Advanced Biopharma, Inc. in RTP, North Carolina, one of two companies he started from IP out of North Carolina State University. Dr. Agris has a number of patents related to RNA technology and drug discovery. He received his graduate education at MIT, and was a postdoctoral fellow of the Damon Runyon Memorial Fund and the American Cancer Society at Yale University. He has held faculty positions at the University of Missouri and at North Carolina State University where he was Head of the Department of Biochemistry before coming to UAlbany. Dr. Agris has over 150 publications in renowned peer reviewed journals, a number of review articles, chapters in books, and has edited three books. Dr. Agris’ research has been funded continuously by federal agencies since 1974.