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Publications & Award Announcements

Publications-July 2014, April 2014

Award Announcements- July 2014

Publications- July 2014

E. Chen, M.R. Sharma, X. Shi, R.K. Agrawal, & S. Joseph (2014). Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein Regulates Translation by Binding Directly to the Ribosome. Mol. Cell, 54, 407-417.

P.S. Kaushal, M.R. Sharma, T.M. Booth, E. Haque, C.-S. Tung, K.Y. Sanbonmatsu, L.L. Spremulli & R.K. Agrawal (2014). Cryo-EM structure of the small subunit of the mammalian mitochondrial ribosome. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 111, 7284-7289.

T.R. Shaikh, A. Yassin, Z. Lu, D. Barnard, X. Meng, T.-M. Lu, T. Wagenknecht & R.K. Agrawal (2014). Initial bridges between two ribosomal subunits are formed within 9.4 milliseconds as studied by time-resolved cryo-EM. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., (in press)

SR Manjari, JD Pata, NK Banavali. (2014). Cytosine unstacking and strand slippage at an insertion-deletion mutation sequence in an overhang containing DNA duplex. Biochemistry, 53 (23), 3807–3816.

Qu G, Dong X, Piazza CL, Chalamcharla VR, Lutz S, Curcio MJ, Belfort M. (2014). RNA-RNA interactions and pre-mRNA mislocalization as drivers of group II intron loss from nuclear genomes. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 111(18), 6612-7.

Liu, C., Rennie, W.A., Mallick, B., Kanoria, S. Long, D., Wolenc, A., Carmack, C.S. Ding, Y. (2014). MicroRNA Binding Sites in C. elegans 3' UTRs. RNA Biology, 11.

Rennie WA, Liu C, Carmack CS, Wolenc A, Kanoria S, Lu J, Long D, Ding Y. (2014). STarMir: a web server for prediction of microRNA binding sites. Nucleic Acids Res, (Epub)

P. N. Asare-Okai, E. Agustin, D. Fabris, M. Royzen. (2014). Site-specific fluorescence labelling of RNA using bio-orthogonal reaction of trans-cyclooctene and tetrazine. Chemical  Communications, 50, 7844-7847.

Mladenova, S.R., Stein, K.R., Bartlett, L., and Sheppard, K. (2014). Relaxed tRNA specificity of the Staphylococcus aureus aspartyl-tRNA synthetase enables RNA-dependent asparagine biosynthesis. FEBS Lett, 588, 1808-1812.

Doyle F., Tenenbaum SA. (2014). Trans-regulation of RNA-binding protein motifs by microRNA. Front Genet, 5:79.

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Award Announcemnts- July 2014


Publications- April 2014

Rana, M., Balcioglu, M.,  Robertson, N. & Yigit, M.V. (2014). Nano-graphene oxide as a novel platform for monitoring the effect of LNA modification in nucleic acid interactions. Analyst, 139(4), 714 – 720.

Rana, M., Balcioglu, M. &  Yigit, M.V. (2014). Locked nucleic acid-modified antisense miR-10b oligonucleotides form stable duplexes on gold nanoparticles. BioNanoScience. (accepted)

Gupta, K., Contreras, L., Smith, D., Qu, G., Huang, T., Spruce, L., Seeholzer, SH., Belfort, M., Van Duyne GD. (2014). Quaternary arrangement of an active, native group II intron ribonucleoprotein complex revealed by small-angle X-ray scattering. Nucleic Acids Research. (Epub ahead of print)

Dong, P., Kaneuchi, M., Xiong, Y., Cao, L., Cai, M., Liu, X., Guo, SW., Ju, J., Konno, Y., Watari, H., Sudo, S., Sakuragi, N.  (2014). Identification of KLF17 as a novel epithelial to mesenchymal transition inducer via direct activation of TWIST1 in endometrioid endometrial cancer. Carcinogenesis, 35, 760-768.

Fesler, A., Jiang, J., Zhai, H., & Ju, J. (2014). Circulating microRNA Testing for the Early Diagnosis and Follow-up of Colorectal Cancer Patients. Mol Diagn Ther. (Epub ahead of print)



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