RNA Drug Discovery at The RNA Institute

The RNA Institute is uniquely positioned to utilize the science of recent Nobel Prizes and other discoveries as platforms for RNA drug discovery. The Institute leverages UAlbany’s large investment in cutting-edge RNA technology to develop novel, more effective RNA -based therapeutics. The RNA Institute advances RNA research programs by implementing the following primary stages of drug discovery:

Stage 1: RNA target identification, characterization and validation;
Stage 2: Predictive modeling of the target of intervention, drug design
and virtual screening;
Stage 3: Development and implementation of screening methods
for putative therapeutics;
Stage 4: Delivery and visualization of RNA drugs, and analysis of their efficacy.

The Institute provides critical resources needed to advance the treatment of the most serious and difficult-to-treat human diseases, as well as some of the most neglected diseases, including:

Breast cancer, basal-like and others;
Drug-resistance in bacterial and viral infections, including MRSA (Staphylococcus aureus), anthrax, drug resistant TB and HIV;
Neurodegenerative and neuromuscular, such as ALS and neurofibromatosis A;
Depression and cognitive disorders;
Orphan diseases, such as mitochondrial diseases, Sjögren’s syndrome, and such neuropathies as giant axonal neuropathy.