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Symposium: RNA Science and its Applications: A Look toward the Future

November 3-4, 2011
University at Albany (Albany, NY)
Hosted By:  The RNA Institute

Keynote Speakers[Biographies]

David P. Bartel

Allan Jacobson

Eric Westhof

Paul F. Agris

This international RNA symposium will be two full days of scientific talks by the most forward-thinking and world-renown RNA scientists covering the most significant contributions to RNA science to date.  There will be four sessions, two each day, of scientific talks each followed by a panel discussion:

  • Cancer and Neurological Disease: The future of small RNAs as therapeutics and tools of investigation
  • Infectious and other diseases: The future of small molecule intervention
  • RNA Discovery and Innovation: Cell and Molecular Biology
  • RNA Technological Innovation: Analysis, Delivery, Nanotechnologies, IT

Panels will discuss scientific and technological progress in the US and elsewhere, the challenges and opportunities, investments made and needed by public and private sectors, and technological issues of RNA therapeutics.  Panelists will be representative of leading RNA scientists from academia, international pharmaceutical, medical device (delivery), instrument companies, and US funding agencies. 

    The RNA Institute Scientific Advisory Board:
  • Marlene Belfort, University at Albany
  • Ron Breaker, Yale University
  • Tom Gingeras, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Larry Gold, University of Colorado at Boulder and SomaLogic, Inc.
  • Rachel Green, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Christine Guthrie, University of California–San Francisco
  • Dieter Söll, Yale University
  • Eric Westhof, CNRS
  • Ada E. Yonath, Weizmann Institute
    Symposium Organizing Committee:
  • Paul F. Agris, The RNA Institute, University at Albany
  • Tom Begley, University at Albany
  • Marlene Belfort, University at Albany
  • Dan Fabris, University at Albany
  • Melinda Larsen, University at Albany
  • Pan T. Li, University at Albany
  • Albert Millis, University at Albany
  • Li Niu, University at Albany
  • David Shub, University at Albany
  • Carla Theimer, University at Albany


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