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Ken Halvorsen

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Ken Halvorsen
Senior Research Scientist



Ken Halvorsen joins the RNA Institute as the Lab Manager for the Advanced Instrumentation Facility.  In addition to managing the facilities and training users on equipment, Ken will work with academic and industrial affiliates to develop new technologies for RNA research. Ken has a decade of expertise in single-molecule biophysics and a track record of developing innovative new technologies and experiments to investigate biology at the nanoscale. He spent the last 6 years as a postdoctoral fellow and research associate in Wesley Wong's lab at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and formerly the Rowland Institute at Harvard University. Ken's major accomplishments include co-inventing and developing the Centrifuge Force Microscope (CFM) for highly multiplexed single-molecule manipulation, elucidating the role of force on the regulation of blood clotting, and developing a DNA-based nanoswitch for analyzing biomolecular interactions. His work has resulted in 12 publications and 4 pending patents.


BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, Clarkson University
PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Boston University


*contributed equally



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