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Ken Halvorsen

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Ken Halvorsen
Senior Research Scientist



Ken Halvorsen is a Senior Research Scientist at the RNA Institute with a passion for technology development in life sciences.  He manages the Advanced Instrumentation Facility and works on RNA science and technology with academic and industrial collaborators. Ken has a decade of expertise in single-molecule biophysics and a track record of developing innovative new technologies and experiments to investigate biology at the nanoscale.  Before joining the RNA Institute, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow and research associate in Wesley Wong's lab at Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Rowland Institute at Harvard University. Ken's major accomplishments include co-inventing and developing the Centrifuge Force Microscope (CFM) for highly multiplexed single-molecule manipulation, elucidating the role of force on the regulation of blood clotting, and developing a DNA-based nanoswitch for analyzing biomolecular interactions. His work has resulted in 12 publications, 2 issued patents, and 3 pending patents. Full CV


BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, Clarkson University

PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Boston University


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*contributed equally, ^corresponding author



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