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Program Description and Objectives:
The RNA Institute Interdisciplinary Pilot Research Program (IPRP) promotes innovative, collaborative, high-impact research focusing on RNA Science and Technology. The overall goal is to find and fund innovative research projects that have the potential of leading to external funding or commercial applications.  The IPRP award provides funding for collaborating PIs to generate seed data that positions them to submit competitive external funding proposals as collaborators within 18 months of the award.  Specifically, the program seeks to support early-stage interdisciplinary research involving two or three independent, faculty-level (or equivalent) PIs in different institutions. These investigators should use synergistic and complementary perspectives to address a problem or question in any area of basic and applied research related to RNA.


$210,000 was awarded over a 3-year period to 12 projects.


25 Grants Submitted based on or improved by IPRP Funding

33 Conference Presentations where collaborators presented their progress

23 Publications

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