Resolution 0304-04R University at Albany Senate
 College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and Integrated University Governance

Passed Overwhelmingly at March 15, 2004 University Senate Meeting

Submitted by Past, Current and Future Senate Chairs David McCaffrey, Edelgard Wulfert, Marjorie Pryse and Carolyn MacDonald


Whereas, it was announced at the March 12 meeting of the Educational Policy Council that an independent governance structure was being proposed for the nascent College of Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering;


Whereas the field of nanoscience and nanoengineering is one of the most promising areas of research at the University at Albany and the creation of a College of  Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering recognizes this important area of campus activity;


Whereas the present system of integrated University governance, involving all of its academic units as full members of the campus, enables the University to engage issues affecting the entire University in a coordinated, transparent, and efficient way, ensures the quality of education and research, and avoids any problems that might be created by fragmenting governance;  


While strongly affirming its commitment to the preservation of a unified governance structure at the University at Albany, the University Senate resolves to work with the proposed College of Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering, alongside the University’s other schools and colleges, in a cohesive governance system to support this important area of work at the University and its educational and research mission.


This resolution to be transmitted to the University at Albany University Council, the Chancellor of the State University of New York and the SUNY Board of Trustees.