Resolution 0304-01R

October 27, 2003
University Senate

Introduced by Current and Past Senate Chairs
David McCaffrey, John Pipkin, Marjorie Pryse, and Edelgard Wulfert

Whereas rumors have appeared in the press that University at Albany President KarenHitchcock is on the verge of leaving after alleged clashes with SUNY Chancellor Robert King, and that these clashes are of a politicized nature,
The University at Albany Senate hereby resolves:
That expressions of dissent by faculty with individual decisions are part of a healthy environment, that they should not be regarded as tantamount to a call for the Chancellor to replace the President, and that the Senate does not regard such a move as appropriate;
To urge Chancellor King to keep political considerations out of the evaluation of Chief Administrative Officers of State University of New York campuses; and
To affirm our strong support for President Karen Hitchcock, to affirm our
confidence in her leadership, and to convey this resolution to the Chancellor.

Resolution passed by an overwhelming majority.