Order Transcripts Online

Order Transcripts Online

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The University at Albany has enlisted the services of Credentials Solutions, Inc. to offer our students and alumni the convenience of requesting an official transcript via a secure website Online. The TranscriptsPlus ® system uses current web encryption technology, ensuring that your information is secure.

Enhanced Services

  1. Expedited Mail Service – your order will be processed within 2 business days from when we receive your authorized request.
  2. Access to overnight delivery from Federal Express, along with tracking of the delivery.
  3. Electronic Transcripts
    • PDF transcripts delivered to participant
    • Download of PDF by third-party recipients
    • Delivery in electronic data format (EDI/XML) to select partner institutions
  4. Submit your request for mailed or electronic transcripts 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from any computer with internet access.
  5. Receive multiple updates on the status of your request.  If there is a problem in processing your request, you will also be notified via e-mail as well as receive updates via text message AND receive CONFIRMATION when your order has been completed.
  6. Hold for grades and degrees – you can tell us to hold your request until AFTER your current semester’s grades are available or wait until degree has been posted to your record.

Authorization Process

In order to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), all transcript orders require authorization.  The University at Albany provides the following procedure(s) for authorizing transcript orders:

  1. Your order can be authorized by signing the Authorization Form that is provided at the end of this ordering process and returning the form via fax or mail.
  2. The University at Albany provides an additional way to automatically authorize your order if:
    • A specific number of fields in this order such as Student ID, Social Security Number, and date of birth match the information in the student's records AND
    • You do not have any attachments that must accompany your transcript.

Because actually checking the records at the University at Albany is a process that occurs after your order has been entered, you will not be notified at the time of ordering that your order will qualify for Automatic Authorization.  If your order is successfully authorized, you will be notified of that fact.  If unable to automatically authorize your order, you will be sent an Authorization Form that you must sign and return via fax or mail before your order can be completed.

Holds and Payment

  • There is a $10.00 fee for each copy of your official transcript.
  • The following mail options are available for an additional fee:
    • Domestic Federal Express to main 48 states: $19.00 per recipient
    • Domestic Federal Express to Alaska or Hawaii: $22.00 per recipient
    • International Federal Express: $42.00 per recipient
  • All major credit cards are accepted. 
  • Your request cannot be honored if there are holds on your record.

CLICK HERE TO LINK TO TranscriptsPlus ® 

The following link will direct you to the Transcript Order Follow-up screen where you can check on the status of your order.