Faculty & Staff


The University at Albany has purchased EMS (Event Management Systems) by Dean Evans and Associates. This software solution offers a complete suite of products including the following:

• Room Scheduling
• Academic Scheduling (including final exam scheduling)
• Event Management (including reserving services – e.g. Catering, Parking, UPD, Custodial, etc.)
• Room Utilization
• Calendaring
• Operational and Statistical Reporting
• Invoicing

Implementation of a comprehensive university wide scheduling system is a significant leap forward for the University, moving us toward operational excellence and promoting shared services on an internal level. This is a particularly important tool to implement for the campus right now, in light of the enrollment and faculty growth planned under NY SUNY 2020. EMS will allow us to be better stewards of our space and temper our anticipated ‘growing pains’ as programmatic expansion will come faster than we can expand our physical footprint.

Room Reservations (Non-Class Events)

All non-class requests for space in the Registrar’s portfolio (e.g., meetings, review sessions, exams, etc.) are now managed through Virtual EMS (VEMS). Please submit all requests electronically a minimum of two business days in advance of your event using the "Request a Classroom" form on Virtual EMS (http://uaems.albany.edu/virtualems/). This process has replaced the Room Reservation form we have used in the past.

If there is an extenuating circumstance requiring you to submit a room reservation within two business days of the event, please e-mail us at scheduling@albany.edu and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

Initial Scheduling

Beginning with the Spring 2015 term, departmental schedulers will enter corrections and additions to the initial schedule using the EMS Campus Planning Interface (CPI). Please feel free to contact us at scheduling@albany.edu with any questions that may arise.