Office Directory

Office Location: Campus Center, B52
Office Phone Number: (518) 442-5540
Fax: (518) 442-5532

Professional Staff:

University Registrar
Karen Chico Hurst

Associate Registrar
Dean W. Knapton

Associate Registrar
Melissa Powers

Assistant Registrar
Ellen Weatherby

Assistant Registrar
Patrizia Caiazza

Assistant Registrar
Roman Dubiel

Customer Service Manager
Kristine Moore

Customer Service Manager
Toni Gaspary 

Customer Service Manager
Todd Schnitzer

Services Provided by the Registrar's Office:

Registration Information:

Academic Calendar
Schedule of Classes
Preparing for Advance Registration
Web Registration Services
Late Registration
Late Withdrawal
Program Adjustment Period
Cross-Registration Guidelines and Forms
UUP Tuition Adjustment

Academic Record Corrections and Information:

Academic Records
Academic Standing
Enrollment or Degree Verifications
Transcript Requests
Change of Official University Records (Name, Address, Social Security Number, Gender or Other Demographic Change)
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (access to your records)
Apostille (Notarized) Diploma & Transcript
Add/Change Minor or Second Major
Record Releases

Degree Services:

Degree Applications
Eligibility – Undergraduate
Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Exceptions
DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
Post Matriculation Transfer Credits

Faculty Services:

Academic Calendar
Schedule of Classes
Class Rosters
Class Permission Numbers
Undergraduate Deregistration
DARS Exception Forms
Late Add/Late Registration Permission Forms

Academic Space Scheduling:

Academic Scheduling (Scheduling Requests, Section Corrections, Room Change Requests, etc.)
Initial Scheduling
Room Reservations (Non-Class Events)
Departmental and Final Examinations
Virtual EMS
Campus Planning Interface