Traffic Information Services (Database Services & Consultation)

Through its partnership with the Department of Motor Vehicles, ITSMR has access to the key traffic records systems in the state containing information on motor vehicle crashes, traffic tickets and driver's license information.  Through a cooperative agreement with the DMV, ITSMR serves as the state's primary source for traffic safety data.  DMV Data Services - ITSMR fills data requests from DMV's internal and external customers, including federal, state and local agencies, the news media, and other public and private entities.  County Traffic Safety Data Reports - Since 2001, ITSMR has compiled reports containing tables and graphs of selected county and state crash and ticket data for each of the 62 counties in the state.  These Statewide Statistical Summaries - On an annual basis, ITSMR generates a statewide summary report that includes 10 standard tables related to motor vehicle crashes in the state; summary reports are also generated on a number of traffic specific safety topics including motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, large truck, school vehicle and alcohol-related crashes. 


Debra Rood

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