Nanotechnology Explorations for Science, Training and Education Promotion (NEXSTEP)

The NEXSTEP program, spearheaded by CNSE's NanoEconomics Constellation in partnership with Key Bank and the Key Foundation, is designed to strengthen the presence of a nanotech-savvy business and support service workforce, network and culture essential to attracting additional high-tech growth to the Capital Region and New York State. NEXSTEP includes a series of educational initiatives that promote greater understanding of, and exposure to, the region's changing economic and business environment, driven by nanotechnology, with a special emphasis on three C's: children, citizens and community. NEXSTEP provides unique educational and career exploration opportunities for high school students in the field of nanotechnology, as well as unparalleled insight for leaders in the business, government and not-for-profit sectors into the dynamic forces that are rapidly transforming our region and state.

Contact: Kristin Haacker
Phone: (518) 956-7415
School, college, division or unit: College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering