Global Center for Critical Demography and Public Sociology

The Global Center for Critical Demography and Public Sociology conducts, coordinates, promotes and disseminates research and scholarship based upon the critical demography paradigm which facilitates and promotes the development of concepts, theories and methods that historically do not fit within the disciplinary boundaries of traditional demography. 

At the heart of the critical demography paradigm is the concept of empowerment.  This empowerment provides people in various communities in New York State with the opportunity to gain expertise in grant writing and research.  One of the primary foci will be train graduate students for leadership roles on research projects.  The Center represents a safe place where innovative ideas and constructive challenges are generated. The Center encompasses both theoretical and applied research practices, and serves as a community and statewide resource on demographic issues that impact public and social policy in the State of New York and abroad.

Contact: Hayward Horton
Phone: 518-442-4907
School, college, division or unit: College of Arts and Sciences