There is a LISTSERV forum for website owners using RedDot to share tips and solutions to common issues.

About the LISTSERV

Use the forum to post, read and respond to topics with your fellow RedDot users. In addition, you will receive notifications about updates to the RedDot Documentation website.

The list will be not be moderated, meaning that anyone can post topics, questions and answers without going through an approval process.

How to Subscribe

  1. Open Outlook or UAlbany Mail
  2. Start a new email message
  3. In the To field enter:
  4. In the body of the message type:
  5. Leave the Subject line blank
  6. Send the message
    Example of email for how to subscribe to the RedDot users LISTSERV forum
  7. You will receive a message asking you to confirm your subscription
  8. Click on the link to confirm your subscription
  9. After the subscription is confirmed, you will receive a welcome message containing further directions about how to post messages

Note: Specific technical trouble questions where you need help from an ITS or Marketing Services expert should still be routed to the appropriate personnel.
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