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The Office of Purchasing and Contracts
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Apparel Purchases

It is the policy of the State University of New York (SUNY Board of Trustee Resolution June 16, 2009), to require contractors, subcontractors and licensees to certify to the adherence by manufacturers to labor standards in connection with working conditions, compensation, employee rights to form unions and the use of child labor.

The University has adopted a policy aimed at ensuring that goods bearing the University insignia, and certain other goods purchased, rented or otherwise acquired by the University, are not produced under sweatshop conditions. This policy affects the University's expenditures for textiles, apparel and sports equipment in particular and incorporates in the decision-making process the University's Statement of Principles for Worker Rights and the requirement that any emblematic apparel, textile and equipment acquisitions must be from companies licensed by the Licensing Resource Group.

Disclosure Requirements

1. A contractor or licensee (hereinafter the "vendor") shall in connection with the purchasing of apparel, textile or sports equipment provide the University with the following:

a. Certification of Compliance with Fair Labor Conditions attesting that such apparel, textile or sports equipment was/will be manufactured in compliance with all applicable labor and occupational safety laws including but not limited to child labor laws, wage and hour laws and workplace safety laws; and

b. If known:

(i) the names and address of each subcontractor to be utilized in the performance of the contract;

(ii) the vendor and each subcontractor's applicable state tax identification number; and

(iii) the name and address of all manufacturing plants utilized by the vendor or its subcontractor in the performance of the contract.

2. Each vendor shall be responsible for ensuring their subcontractor's compliance with this procedure and applicable labor standards.

3. Disclose to the University, upon request, during each year of the term of the contract, a written assurance from the vendor and each of its subcontractors that the vendor or subcontractor is in compliance with this procedure.  This request may seek confirmation of compliance with some or all of the requirements of this procedure, and may require the response to be submitted under penalty or perjury.  The vendor shall provide the written assurance within the time period specified by the University, which shall not be less than 15 business days from the receipt of the request.

Enforcement and Vendor Compliance

In order to ensure vendor compliance, the University may, at its option, undertake the following: 

  1. Third Party/External Monitoring
    To ensure that anti-sweatshop labor practices outlined inthe University's anti-sweatshop procedures are independently verified and complied with, the University may decide to implement compliance programs such as joining an independent external monitoring agency to monitor compliance with anti-sweatshop standards.
  2. Code of Conduct
    The University may require that a vendor join an independent external monitoring agency or require adherence to a code of conduct consistent with the University's policy.
    If the University chooses to join an independent external monitoring agency or create or adopt a code of conduct it may result in additional compliance requirements for the vendor.  Such compliance requirements may be adopted in so far as they do not conflict with any terms of this policy.

The links listed below may provide useful information to assist you in the procurement of these items.


Working with our Licensing Company

Information on Licensing Resource Group's (LRG) separate license types, cost, and how long it generally takes to become licensed is identified below. LRG has 3 types of licenses:

  1. Standard License
    Allows vendors to produce products for resale.  These are the vendors found in your bookstore, or in the retail marketplace.  This license will also require the vendor to pay royalties (10%) on their wholesale cost.  Application fee for a new vendor is $300.
  2. Internal Usage License
    Allows vendors to produce products intended to be sold directly to the University that are not for resale.  These are the vendors who sell directly to the University departments for giveaways, promotions etc.  This license does not require vendors to pay the 10% royalty on their wholesale cost. Application fee for a new vendor is $150.
  3. In-State License
    Allows vendors to produce products for resale, however this license is only for one school AND the company is located in the same state of the school.  This license will require the vendor to pay royalties (10%) on their wholesale cost.  Application fee for a new vendor is $150.

Please note, vendors will also have to pay an annual administrative fee of $80, plus the royalty advance for each school - in this case Albany is $100 for apparel vendors, and $50 for non-apparel.  These will be invoiced once the vendor's application has been approved.

For new vendors applying for a license, the time table is typically 2-4 weeks.  A vendor who is already licensed with at least 1 LRG school and is looking to add the Albany license to their portfolio can do so in less than a week.

The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF forms. If you are unable to view PDF forms, please contact State Funded Purchasing and Contracts at 437-4579 for a hard copy.