Purchase Requisition

The Office of Purchasing and Contracts has created an electronic requisition that you can download here. This is a Microsoft Excel file.

Please read the following prior to accessing the requisition:

  1. The document will open in Excel; (For Mac users, after clicking the link you will need to go to the download section of your Mac to access the document and when prompted select enable macros);
  2. Enter all required information online (as information is entered the requisition number will change);
  3. Please do not copy or cut and paste information to the requisition;
  4. Once completed:
    1. Print the requisition;
    2. Have the authorized signer for the account execute the requisition;
    3. Once executed send the requisition (and any attachments) via interoffice mail to the Office of Purchasing and Contracts at MSC 302 or fax to the Office of Purchasing and Contracts at 437-4571.

**At this time e-mailed copies will not be accepted**

**Please Note: All requisitions used for Direct Payments should be submitted directly to the Accounting Office in MSC 203. An original signature in blue ink is necessary in order to avoid potential duplicate payments.

***Please Note: As of April 1, 2013 any procurement with a value of $50,000 or greater must be reviewed by SUNY System Administration 30 days prior to the creation of a bid document.


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