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Psychology Advisement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to know about the major in psychology?

How and when do I register for courses?

What do I need to graduate?

How do I declare psychology as my major?

If you wish to major in psychology, you must work with an academic advisor in the Advisement Services Center. Once you have met the admissions requirements, you will be declared through Advisement Services and can then seek academic advising through the Psychology Undergraduate Advisement Office (Social Science 399B).

To be admitted, you must meet the following conditions:

1. You must have taken one of each of the following and obtained a grade of C- or higher in each course:

  • APSY 101 or APSY 102 (Intro. to Psychology or Honors Intro. to Psychology),
  • APSY 210 (Statistics), and
  • APSY 211 (Experimental Methods)

2. You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in psychology.  This GPA is based on all of the APSY courses that you have taken at the University at Albany (not transfer courses).

3. You can be conditionally admitted to the major if you have completed APSY 101 & APSY 210 with a C- or better, and you are currently in progress with APSY 211. See below for more details.

Students meeting the above requirements will be admitted to the major; students not meeting the requirements will be advised to pursue another major.


Can I be conditionally admitted to the psychology major?

If you are a UAlbany matriculated student, the department will consider admitting you conditionally if you have received a C- or better in APSY 101/102 and either APSY 210 or APSY 211, have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the University at Albany, and have a cumulative GPA at or above 2.50 in psychology courses taken at the University at Albany. If you are given conditional admittance to the major, you will have one semester to successfully complete your remaining course (i.e., either APSY 210 or APSY 211. To be admitted as a full major, you must obtain a C- or better in APSY 210 and 211, maintain a cumulative (overall) GPA of 2.00 or better, and maintain a 2.50 cumulative GPA in psychology.  If you fail to meet these conditions, you will be dismissed from the major.  Please note that dismissed students will not be considered for conditional admission in the future.  Students who have been dismissed from the major will need to attain all admission requirements (i.e., C- or better in APSY 101/102, 210, and 211, an overall GPA of 2.00, and a psychology GPA of 2.50) and will need to re-apply to major to be considered for admission.


If you are transferring to UAlbany, you can be conditionally admitted to the major if you have completed the equivalent of APSY 101 with a grade of C- or better and have at least 9 psychology credit hours (including APSY 101 or the equivalent)

To retain your status as a provisional major, you must:
1.  Complete APSY 210 and receive a grade of C- or better in your first semester at our University
2.  Complete APSY 211 and receive a grade of C- or better in your second semester at our University
3.  Maintain a 2.75 GPA in psychology courses taken at Albany that count toward completion of the major
4.  Maintain a 2.00 overall GPA for all courses taken at Albany


If you fail to meet the above retention requirements, you will be dismissed from the major and returned to “Open Major” or "Intended" status.  You will then receive advisement at the Advisement Services Center in LI 36 (not from the Psychology Advisement Office).  If you find you have been returned to “Open Major” or "Intended" status, we strongly advise you to pursue a different major.  Please do not try to continue to “complete the major on your own” in the hope of eventually obtaining a waiver to the admission requirement. We do not grant waivers in these instances.


How many credits do I need for the major in psychology?

The psychology major requires a minimum of 36 credits in psychology courses (beginning with the prefix APSY; EPSY & ECPY courses DO NOT count toward the major). A minimum of 18 of these 36 credits must be taken at the University at Albany (this is the University's residency requirement for a major).


What courses do I need to take?

The following three courses are required for the psychology major:  

  • APSY 101 (or APSY 102)
  • APSY 210
  • APSY 211
You must complete each of these 3 courses with a C- or better. In addition to this requirement, there are four categories in which one class needs to be taken and five additional APSY electives. Please see the Major Requirements for further detail


How many restricted electives / category courses do I need to complete the major?

The answer depends on when you entered the University. 

I. Graduation Requirements for the Major in Psychology for students who matriculated (entered the university) in Fall 2008 and thereafter

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 36 credits in psychology: including APSY 101 or 102, APSY 210, and APSY 211;

3 credits in each of the following four categories:
Category 1: Cognitive Behavioral Approaches: at least 3 credits from APSY 380 or 381
Category 2: Clinical Developmental Approaches: at least 3 credits from APSY 203 or 338
Category 3: Social Basis: at least 3 credits from APSY 270 or 327
Category 4: Biological Basis: at least 3 credits from APSY 214 or 382 or 387
15 credits of electives: any courses offered with an APSY prefix (ECPY and EPSY courses do not count toward the major). Any courses not used to complete the previous categories may be used as electives.

II. Graduation Requirements for the Major in Psychology for students who matriculated (entered the university) prior to Fall 2008

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 36 credits in psychology: including
APSY 101 or 102,
APSY 210, and APSY 211;
15 credits in psychology from the following list: Restricted Electives APSY 203, 214, 270, 314, 327, 338, 380, 381, 382, 384, 385, 387;

12 credits of electives with an APSY prefix (ECPY and EPSY courses do not count toward the major). Courses not taken from the previous list may be used as electives.

NOTE: within the 36 credits required for the major a student must complete at least 12 credits in courses numbered 300 or above.

For psychology majors who satisfy the major requirements as outlined in this bulletin, APSY 210 and 211 are restricted to A–E grading after matriculation at Albany.

A maximum of 3 credits in independent study courses (APSY 297, 297Z, 397, 397Z and 497Z) may be applied to major credit but may not be used to satisfy the 300-or-above requirement. No more than 6 additional credits in these independent study courses may be used for graduation credit.


What happens if I don't get a C- or better in APSY 101 (or 102), APSY 210, or APSY 211 and/or do not have a 2.50 GPA in Psychology courses taken at UAlbany?

If you do not receive a C- or better in either APSY 101 (or 102) or in APSY 210 or in APSY 211, or you do not have a 2.50 GPA in Psychology you will not be admitted into the major. You may retake these courses and reapply for admission to the major once you meet ALL the admission requirements.  Keep in mind, however, that all grades received in these courses that will count toward the major will be used to calculate your GPA for the major.


Do I need a minimum number of upper level courses in psychology?

YES. To graduate with a degree in psychology from Albany, you need to take 12 credits (4 courses) of upper-level psychology courses from Albany (courses starting with the APSY prefix and with course numbers above 300). This requirement is part of the University's major residency requirement; you cannot use 300-level courses taken at other colleges to fulfill this requirement.  Please note that APSY 397 and 497 do NOT count for the upper-level requirement.


Do educational psychology (EPSY) and counseling psychology (ECPY) courses count toward the Psychology major or Minor?

These courses are offered by the School of Education and not by the Department of Psychology. They are not our courses and they do not apply to the major.  No exceptions will be made.


How should I prepare for graduate school?

We recommend that you take as many of the core or restricted electives as possible. These courses provide a strong background in experimental psychology. At the very least you should take Intro to Biopsychology (APSY 214), Social Psychology (APSY 270), Personality (APSY 327), Abnormal Psychology (APSY 338), Learning (APSY 380), and Memory and Cognition (APSY 381).   You should also strongly consider taking Directed (APSY 297) or Independent study (APSY 397) course under the direction of a faculty member.  See the section on “What are the independent research courses (APSY 297/297Z, APSY 397/397Z, APSY 497Z)?

Also see the additional information about How to Prepare and Apply to Graduate School, also available in the Psychology Advisement Center. After reviewing this information, talk to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Psychology, Professor Rosellini, for more detailed advice. Also take advantage of your professors -- talk to them about graduate school.


Can I use AMAT 108 (or any other statistics course) as a substitute for APSY 210?

AMAT 108 cannot be substituted for APSY210. This (or any other stat courses offered by other departments) is not equivalent to APSY 210.


How do I register for courses?

All registration is done via MyUAlbany. We do, however, require psychology majors to make advisement appointments before registration to review their records and to receive an Advisement Verification Number (AVN). You will not be able to register without an AVN. Declared psychology majors can make an appointment online by logging into the UAlbany Advantage Success Center.

Please note that if a course requires a permission number, you must obtain it from the instructor.

We do NOT have permission numbers in the Advisement Office, and we are unable to get students seats in any courses.


How do I sign up for an appointment?

Please log into the UAlbany Advantage Success Center to make an appointment with your advisor for AVN or general advising appointments.

Click here on how to view instructions for scheduling an appointment.


All psychology courses seem to be closed during registration.  What should I do?

If a course is not available when you register, it may or may not actually be filled.  The department tries to make course seats available for all students on campus, not just declared majors.  To give all students a chance to get into our courses, we release seats (where available) on a weekly basis during pre-registration.  If you can’t get the class one day, try adding the class later in the pre-registration period, and you may find you are successful.  If a course is totally filled, the Psychology Advisement Center cannot help you get into the class.  Your best chance is to go to the first class meeting or to contact the instructor to see if s/he has a waiting list.  NOTE:  This does not mean that you will be able to add the class.


How long is an AVN good for?

Once you enter your AVN into the online registration system, you no longer need to save the number.  To be on the safe side, you should enter your AVN into the system as soon as you receive it from your advisor, even if you won’t be registering for awhile.  This leaves less of a chance of losing the number and needing to make another appointment to receive it again.  Your AVN changes every semester and lasts throughout each registration period.  In other words, AVNs are only useable for the specific semester to which it is assigned (i.e., you will need to get a new AVN for each semester in which you would like to enroll).


When should I see my advisor for advice about classes?

Academic advisement for declared psychology majors is handled through the Psychology Undergraduate Advisement Office, located in Social Sciences 399B. Click the following for Advisement Office Hours.

If you are a psychology major (i.e. you have been admitted into the major and your degree audit shows that you are “declared” for a psychology major), you should make an appointment before pre-registration starts.

Before making an appointment, please check your registration date in “When can I enroll” under the “Academics” tab on MyUAlbany.  This will help you to select a date prior to your registration date.  It will also help you to determine if you have any holds on your account that would prevent you from registering.

During your AVN appointment an advisor will review your academic progress, discuss appropriate course selection, and give you your Advisement Verification Number (AVN).  Registration appointments are made online at by clicking here.


Can I make adjustments to my schedule after I have registered?

You can make adjustments to your schedule after course registration has begun and also during the DROP/ADD PERIOD for the semester (see Schedule of Classes for exact dates).


How do I add or drop courses?

Adding and dropping courses can be done on the web via MyUAlbany prior to the beginning of a semester and during specific drop/add dates for the semester-- check dates for this semester.  Make sure you have the class number of the course you want to add/drop.  If you plan to replace one course with another, make sure that you are able to add the new course before dropping the old one.  This is especially important if you are currently registered for 12 credits.  If you drop a course and cannot add another, you will be at 9 credits, which is not full-time.  Nine credits could put any financial aid you are receiving in jeopardy.


Can I still register if I have an administrative hold on my records?

No. All holds have to be cleared with the office placing the hold before you may register.  The department will not hold seats in a class for you just because you have a hold and can’t register.  The sooner you clear your hold, the better your chances of getting the classes you want.


What are the General Education requirements and how can I get a waiver for a Gen Ed requirement?

The university general education requirements are presented in detail on the University webpage for ASC/US under Gen Ed . If you are seeking a waiver for a Gen Ed requirement, please go to the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies LI 36. The Psychology Advisement Center does not have the authority to grant these waivers.


Do I need a minor and what do I need to know about it?

Unless you double major, you are required to complete a minor.

Please check the requirements in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Your minor may not have the same title as your major. You may declare two minors if you wish. Some minors have more specific requirements than others. A list of approved minors and their requirements is found in the Undergraduate Bulletin.  NOTE: You must declare your minor yourself by filling out and turning in the required form at the Registrar's office.  The Psychology Undergraduate Advisement Office (SS 399B) has the form needed, but they cannot declare your minor for you.


How do I transfer credits to Albany?

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on transferring credit to the University at Albany. First, not all courses are acceptable for transfer credit. To determine if a course is eligible to transfer, please check here.

No psychology classes will be transferred without prior approval from the Psychology Advisement Office. Once approved, we will file our approval with the Registrar's Office. The Registrar's Office must receive an official transcript of your work at the other institution before any credit can be awarded.  It is your responsibility to have an official transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office when you complete your coursework elsewhere.  A maximum of 64 transfer credits may be applied toward degree requirements.


What is the honors program in psychology?

As a psychology major you may file an application for admission with the Honors Committee as early as the second semester of your sophomore year or as soon as you meet the requirements for admission to the honors program. The minimum requirements for admission into the program are:

1. Completion of APSY 101, 210, and 211.
2. A cumulative GPA of 3.30 or better.
3. A cumulative GPA for psychology courses of 3.50 or better.

Click here to see the detailed program requirements. If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Professor Julia Hormes, Director of the Psychology Honors program.


What are the independent research courses (APSY 297/297Z, APSY 397/397Z, APSY 497Z)?

The directed and independent research courses (APSY 297/297Z, 397/297Z & 497Z) provide an opportunity to become involved in research with a faculty member. It is highly recommended that you become involved in research if you are planning to go to graduate school in psychology. Without such experience it may be difficult to be admitted into high-quality graduate programs.

If you decide to do directed or independent research, you need to choose the area and professor you would like to work with. Meet with the professor and thoroughly discuss the project and what is expected from you before you make any enrollment decisions. The advisement center does not give out permission numbers for these courses, so you have to see the individual professor.