Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Psychology at the University at Albany.

Welcome to the Department of Psychology!  We are excited to know that so many of our students have made our Department their academic “home”, and we strive to continue to provide excellence in teaching and mentoring, as well as in the pursuit of excellence in the creation of new ideas.

Our undergraduate curriculum has a basis in scientific knowledge and the principles that guide research endeavors and scientific investigation.  The skills that students acquire at both the undergraduate and graduate levels serve to strengthen the ability to use logic and reasoning, to question statistical knowledge and reported findings, to engage in communication skills, and to prepare for a wide variety of careers upon degree completion. Our Department also offers an honors program that provides students with hands-on research experience and the possibility of working within a research laboratory under the guidance of faculty members.  This type of preparation is very important to the acquisition of skills necessary to pursue graduate training across a broad array of disciplines within the field.

Our doctoral programs are geared toward preparing graduate students for careers in scientific psychology and scientifically based professional practice. Our commitment is to provide students with a broad exposure to psychological theories and concepts, to teach them methodological skills necessary to examine, understand, and explain psychological phenomena, and to create an academic environment that supports such exploration.

I invite you to explore our website and inform yourself of the exciting programs that are being offered in our department. 


James H. Neely

Professor and Interim Chair

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