Dr. Kit Cho, (PhD UAlbany 2015) Now an Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kit Cho, a UAlbany Psychology graduate student who received his PhD in Cognitive Psychology with Dr. Jim Neely in June 2015, has accepted a tenure-track, assistant professor position in the Psychology Department at the University of Houston-Downtown.

Dr. Cho’s dissertation research, conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Jim Neely at UAlbany, demonstrated that auditory stimuli alter cognition and perception. In the study, participants were required to look for pictures (e.g., a picture of a dog) among an array of other pictures that served as distractors. Participants either heard the object’s label (someone saying “dog”), or they read the written label of the object (DOG). Participants were able to correctly locate the target more quickly when they heard the auditory label. At the University of Houston-Downtown, Dr. Cho will work with undergraduates, applying cognitive psychology principles to enhance learning classroom materials. He will teach Biological Psychology and Cognitive Psychology.