Dr. Michael Ford recognized for Research on Work-Family Conflict

Dr. Michael Ford is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department in the Industrial Organizational Psychology area. His outstanding paper in the Journal of Applied Psychology examines work-family conflict, the conflict that occurs when work-related stress makes it more difficult to engage in and enjoy family life.  While at least some work-family conflict is unavoidable, there has been little research on how people adapt to these conflicts over time. Dr. Ford and his colleagues surveyed 432 working adults over an 8-month period, asking participants to report their experience of work-family conflict and their psychological well-being.  The results demonstrate that individuals who experience a constant level of imbalance between work and family do indeed adapt over time and their psychological well-being improves.  When and how does this resilience develop among workers?   The Occupational Health Psychology Lab directed by Dr. Ford examines this and other important questions about the well-being of workers and society.