Julia Hormes

Julia M Hormes
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office: SS313

Phone: 518-442-4911

Email: jhormes@albany.edu

Lab: Health Behaviors Laboratory

Curriculum Vitae

Area of Interest: My research examines the psychosocial and cultural determinants of ingestive and addictive behaviors, with a focus on the study of cravings for food (specifically perimenstrual and pregnancy cravings), alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. I am particularly interested in assessing affective and attitudinal ambivalence and in gaining an understanding of its role in the etiology of cravings. I look at cultural differences in attitudes to commonly craved substances, such as alcohol and chocolate, and the ways in which they contribute to differences in patterns of consumption. I also study psychosocial functioning in chronic illness, including quality of life, intimacy and relationship concerns in women with breast cancer, and the correlates and consequences of substance abuse in individuals living with HIV/AIDS. My clinical interests are in addiction, HIV/AIDS, psycho-oncology, eating disorders and obesity.