Your Future with a Psychology Major

Your Future with a Psychology Major: Careers with your B.A. in Psychology

Here are several handouts that contain information on the possible careers you can have with a B.A. in psychology.  Often, students and their families are not aware of the possibilities that a B.A in psychology offers.  These handouts help to provide some career options and discuss the broadly-applicable value of the undergraduate degree in psychology.  Please stop by the Psychology Advisement Office (SS399B) if you have any questions or would like more information on careers. Please note that the resources offered on this website and by the Psychology Advisement Office discusses the B.A. in psychology because the University at Albany offers the B.A. in psychology.  Much of the same guidance can be directly extended to the B.S. in psychology as well.

Research Specializations in Psychology
Advice From the Experts for Finding a Job with a B.A. in Psychology
More Career Information for Psychology B.A.'s

Your Future with a Psychology Major: Graduate Studies Preparations and Careers After Graduate School

Deciding Whether to Attend Graduate School
The information below has an explanation of the different careers you can pursue with both a master's and a doctorate degree in Psychology. The Student’s Guide to the Psychology Major may help to guide you on whether or not graduate school is the right choice for your future.

Careers with a Doctorate Degree in Psychology  /  Careers with a Master's Degree in Psychology
The Student’s Guide to the Psychology Major, by Psi Chi

Many careers in the field of psychology require that you go to graduate school for your master’s degree or your doctorate degree.  The information below can help to guide you on what it takes to prepare for graduate school, what some of the different graduate degrees offer you for career options, and how to apply to graduate school.  We also encourage you to explore the internet to get ideas about what graduate programs and careers involve.  Websites such as offer some good general overviews to get you started.  The Psychology Advisement Office has some very helpful resources including guide books to graduate programs, which you are welcome to come in and look through. You may also come into the Psychology Advisement Office (SS399B) to speak with an advisor about your options.

A Crash Course in Graduate School Preparation

Ideal Timetable for Planning on Graduate School in Psychology
General Selection Criteria for Doctoral Programs in Psychology
More Information on How to Apply to Graduate School
Information on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

GRE Website

APA Guide to Graduate School Admissions