Faculty In Social Personality Psychology

Faculty in Social-Personality Psychology

Ronald S. Friedman,
Ph.D., 1999, Columbia University, Area Head

Links between emotion, motivation, and cognition. Also, how situational cues and personality impact emotional responses to expressive media, particularly music. 
Media Psychology
Psychology of Music
Emotion, Motivation, and Cognition

Email: rfriedman@albany.edu
Mark Muraven Mark Muraven,  Social-Personality Program
Ph.D., 1998, Case Western Reserve University.

Self-control and self-regulation; theories of emotions; addictions.

Email: muraven@albany.edu
Monica Rodriguez Monica L. Rodriguez
Ph.D., 1985, State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Early social and personality development; self-regulatory processes; field studies in populations at risk.

Email: mlrodriguez@albany.edu
Marcia Sutherland

Marcia E. Sutherland
Ph.D., 1985, Howard University.

Psychology of the black experience; psychology of oppression; black students on white campuses.

Email: msutherland@albany.edu



Anna Newheiser

Ph.D., 2012, Yale University

Intergroup relations; prejudice and discrimination; group processes; morality and justice; implicit social cognition

Email: anewheiser@albany.edu 

Emeritus/Adjunct Faculty
Glenn Sanders, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emeritus
Caroline Waterman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emerita
Tanya L. Dodge

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