Faculty In Social Personality Psychology

Faculty in Social-Personality Psychology
Ronald Friedman Ronald S. Friedman
Ph.D., 1999, Columbia University.

Creativity; situational (e.g., mood, task framing, contextual cues) and individual differences (e.g., motivational orientation) that influence creative insight and the ability to generate innovative alternatives; alcohol and social behavior.

Email: rfriedman@albany.edu
Mark Muraven Mark Muraven, Area Head, Social-Personality Program
Ph.D., 1998, Case Western Reserve University.

Self-control and self-regulation; theories of emotions; addictions.

Email: muraven@albany.edu
Monica Rodriguez Monica L. Rodriguez
Ph.D., 1985, State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Early social and personality development; self-regulatory processes; field studies in populations at risk.

Email: mlrodriguez@albany.edu
Marcia Sutherland

Marcia E. Sutherland
Ph.D., 1985, Howard University.

Psychology of the black experience; psychology of oppression; black students on white campuses.

Email: msutherland@albany.edu



Anna Newheiser

Ph.D., 2012, Yale University

Intergroup relations; prejudice and discrimination; group processes; morality and justice; implicit social cognition

Email: anewheiser@albany.edu 

Emeritus/Adjunct Faculty
Donn Byrne, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Emeritus
Glenn Sanders, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emeritus
Caroline Waterman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Emerita
Tanya L. Dodge

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