Faculty in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Faculty in Industrial-Organizational Psychology
3 Sylvia Roch, I/O Program Director
Ph.D., 1997, Texas A & M University.
Performance evaluation; organizational justice; group decision making; teams and trust.

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Ford Michael Ford
Ph.D., George Mason University

Interaction between workplace and employee health, safety, and nonwork functioning; How the work environment and worksite practices impact productivity, health, safety, and effectiveness outside of work.

  Eunae Cho
Ph.D., University of South Florida

Work-family interface; worker well-being; cross-cultural work-family issues; employee recovery from work

Email: echo5@albany.edu
Dr. Kevin Williams Kevin Williams
Ph.D., 1984, University of South Carolina.

Work motivation; Self-regulation models of human motivation and task performance; Performance evaluation; worker satisfaction and job attitudes; work and family issues; occupational stress

Adjunct Faculty
George Alliger
Michael Kalsher
Scott Tannenbaum
Gary Yukl

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