Ronald S. Friedman

Social/Personality Program Area

Ronald S. Friedman
Associate Professor of Psychology; Area Head

Office: Social Sciences 389
Phone: (518) 442-4858
Fax: (518) 442-4867

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Interest: I am generally interested in the links between emotion, motivation, and cognition. My students and I are currently exploring how situational cues and personality impact emotional responses to expressive media, particularly music.  

Specific Areas of Interest:

Media Psychology
Psychology of Music
Emotion, Motivation, and Cognition

Representative Publications:

Friedman, R.S., & Taylor, C.L. (2014). Exploring emotional responses to computationally-created music. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, 8(1), 87-95.

Friedman, R.S., Gordis, E., & Förster, J. (2012). Re-exploring the influence of sad mood on music preference. Media Psychology, 15(3), 249-266.

Friedman, R.S., & Förster, J.. (2010).  Implicit affective cues and attentional tuning: An integrative review. Psychological Bulletin, 136, 875-893.