John P. Forsyth

Clinical Program Area

John Forsyth

John P. Forsyth
Associate Professor of Psychology

Office: Social Sciences 315
Phone: (518) 442-4862
Fax: (518) 442-4867

Lab: Anxiety Disorders Research Program
Curriculum Vitae (.docx format)

Areas of Interest: My research interests focus on experiential and psychological processes that account for the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of fear and anxiety-related disorders. In particular we are interested in elucidating processes that may yield disordered experiences of fear and anxiety, namely emotion regulation and dysregulation processes. A good deal of this work is focusing on third wave behavior therapy topics such as experiential avoidance, nonacceptance, acceptance, mindfulness, cognitive defusion/fusion, and values. This work is set within a translational research context, wherein we seek to integrate philosophical/theoretical levels of analysis with experimental psychopathology and applied psychopathology research domains. Specific areas of interest follow.
  • Experimental Psychopathology of Fear and Anxiety
  • Emotion Regulation and Dysregulation (e.g., experiential avoidance)
  • Pavlovian Conditioning and Verbal "Cognitive" Relational Processes
  • Behavioral and Psychophysiological Assessment
  • Third Generation Behavior Therapies (e.g. ACT for Anxiety Disorders)
  • Acceptance and Mindfulness-Based Treatments for Anxiety Disorders
  • Process-Oriented Treatment Development
  • Theoretical and Philosophical Issues in Behavior Analysis and Therapy

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