Utilizing the information gathered during the community assessment and feedback during a Town Hall and Community Forum, the CHL intervention program was developed by the CAB and University at Albany research team.  Parents were actively involved in all creative and decision processes, and the CAB was also involved in advertising and recruiting participants.

  1. Parents Connect for Healthy Families Workshop Series:
    • This program includes 4 sessions implemented in each CEO Head Start center throughout the year, under the direction of CEO's Family and Community Partnerships Manager.
    • The sessions focus on building the following skills in parents/caregivers: (1) the ability to identify and effectively utilize resources to address their needs (resource empowerment), (2) effective communication, (3) conflict resolution, and (4) reflective parenting.  Examples and opportunities to practice these skills will focus on healthy living.
  2. Social Marketing Campaign
    • Posters addressing myths that many parents believe about obesity in children and healthy foods for children are displayed in Head Start centers and WIC clinics. Collection of Posters for the Social Marketing Campaign
  3. Community Advisory Board (CAB)