Jan L. Hagen

Jan L. Hagen's career and work schedule attest to the unity of theory and practice, and of teaching and research. Hagen, who joined the faculty of the School of Social Welfare in 1984, is extremely accomplished as a teacher and mentor in two domains that are usually quite distinct: clinical practice and social policy analysis.

Hagen finds ways to communicate her sophisticated intellectual and practical grasp of the material to students at all levels of preparedness. Her courses — most at the graduate level, but undergraduate as well — provide exceptionally detailed and comprehensive statements about what students should achieve, and they state unflinchingly that all participants will have something to contribute, be heard, and accorded respect.

She has unstintingly made herself available as a mentor and distinguished herself in her commitment to the School's developing Ph.D. program — by, for example, convening a series of informal meetings to address student needs and interests.

Hagen's work expresses a passion for social justice. She instills in her students a profound vision of the moral dimension of the field and the human point of the work they and she are doing. She insists students engage such questions as how policies weigh differently on different populations and what social and ethical values inform these policies.

Her record in scholarship, professional growth and service is extensive. She has authored or co-authored nearly 40 articles in refereed journal and has nine monographs, an edited volume, and numerous reviews and conference presentations. Her individual and joint research grants have totaled more than $1.5 million.

Fully engaged in her profession, she has served on many editorial boards, is past chair of a committee on women's issues of the National Association of Social Workers, and been a social welfare consultant to several states and the province of Ontario. She has received regular invitations to instruct at the prestigious Council on Social Work Education conference.

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